Prior Film Works

Bad Boys of Summer


A look at the effect a coach has on a team made up of convicted felons at San Quentin, during their final season together. Watch on Amazon here. Field Producer.



Two gay, Christian leathermen - Master Skip and Pup Tim, prepare to compete in The Second International Puppy Contest (IPC), a leather title contest for human canines and their handlers. Full details here. Watch on Amazon here. Director/Producer.


Straight White Men and Me


Director Kao takes a revealing, humorous look at her own stereotypes of "straight white men." Full details here. ​Director.​

Meet Joe Gay


Director Benjamin Morgan takes a hard look at his own life while trying to write and direct a fairytale gay romance. Full details here. Producer. 

JumpRope Song


A filmic adaptation of a solo performance piece by Erin O'Brien about hate crimes, the loss of childhood innocence, and today's social context. Full details here. Co-Director, Cinematographer.



A bedroom comes alive as a Jamaican grandmother shares an alternative creation myth with her granddaughter at bedtime. Full details here. Director.

Happy Birthday


A trance-inducing flicker of super-8, gothic chant, and a woman preparing herself as the ultimate birthday gift for her lover. Full details here. Director.

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