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Antonia Kao ( 高慧蘭 ) is an interdisciplinary artist, improviser, facilitator of movement ritual, and homeschooling (life learning) parent based in Petaluma, CA, USA.



She has written articles published in The New York Times and Girlfriends Magazine; directed/ produced documentary films that have won awards and screened internationally (e.g. at Women in the Director's Chair, in many educational institutions, and on PBS); and created ecclectic interactive and/or improvisational performances.


She's currently drawn to creating work that leaves an energetic impression, is perhaps documented by photography or videography, and takes up no space in the physical world. 

Antonia holds an MFA from the University of Southern California Graduate School of Cinema-TV and a BA in English and Women's Studies from Wellesley College. She sources from two decades of movement study and practice, including Action Theater with Ruth Zaporah, Ashtanga Yoga with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and John Smith, Authentic Movement with Cassielle Bull, voice as practice with Meredith Monk, performance art with Guillermo Gómez-Peña, and dance improvisation with Anna and Daria Halprin.



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"Every single instant of every single moment that you carry with you... you’re engaging with Mystery. That’s the 'not knowing' I'm talking about....[If] your drive, if what calls you here is that aspect, then that’s the only reason to do this as far as I'm concerned ....because this is too hard. It's too hard to even respond to that call... The mystics forever and ever have been responding to this call and I think people that find themselves in this kind of arena are responding to that call. And it's nothing you can talk about. Poets have been trying to write about it, ...people have been trying to talk about it, but you really can't talk about it. So, that's the Mystery."

~ Ruth Zaporah

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